A Different Kind of Sharing

It’s been months, but the memory is still fresh. At the conclusion of a women’s event one evening, we were invited to choose a painted rock. Of the twenty or so presented on the tray as we left the auditorium, I picked the one with the biggest smile – the one that ended in big pink dots, adding to its character. I brought that shiny green smiling rock home with me and put it on my desk. It’s still there.

When I was ten years old, I wanted to be an author and write books. I was quite a reader and thought there could be no better vocation than writing stories that others would enjoy reading.
Fast forward to age 26. I wanted to be an author and write books. I loved writing. I loved reading. I loved writing even more. I felt God gently pressing me to write something about Him. His nudge told me to share words that encourage people. There was no mention of a book.
At age 30, I told God no.
You might wonder how I could tell God no, and still be here at age 65. You see, God is a patient God. God is a compassionate God. When my children were all in school full time, I also went to work full time. I abandoned my dream of writing to share encouragement. Instead, God opened doors for me to write procedures and instructions. It was a different kind of sharing. I enjoyed writing – it’s questionable though, that others enjoyed reading.
God is also a persistent God. I felt the urgent pull from my Creator to share what he put on my heart. If you have ever been pursued by God, you will understand that you will never outrun him, not even at the finish line of this life.
Remember the rock? The one painted shiny green with a big smile and pink cheeks? God used that rock and these words written on the handout of that evening. “The Little Rock is unique like you, and one of a kind. We hope that you will keep it as a memory of how God moved in your life tonight. Your story matters. “
See? God is patient. God is compassionate. God is persistent. He has not given up on me. He is waiting for me to share encouragement with others, simply by sharing my story until I reach the finish line.
There is still no mention of a book.

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