Less Pain Fewer Pills: Avoid the Dangers of Prescription Opioids and Gain Control over Chronic Pain

This book is ultra-easy to read and what you read, you will understand because it’s not written it doctorese. It’s divided into sections so you can choose which chapters to read now and mark some for later.  The author, Dr. Beth Darnall, has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that she shares in hopes … Read more

The advantages of bullying

I read a post once by an author Kristin Kuiper that starts out with “Most of us are familiar with bullying in one way or another—maybe you were made fun of as a child and those memories come to mind when you hear about mean things said to your own child at school.” and recognized myself in … Read more

Go ahead. Forget about it.

Maybe it’s just me, but have you noticed a steady stream of opportunities to buy a product that will bring instant success or purchase services that promise success if you follow a particular program  – paid for in advance, of course. There is nothing wrong with selling for success. There is much to be valued … Read more

Is it time to leave Normal?

Many years ago there was a movie titled ‘Leaving Normal’.  I remember the premise was life changes in advancing years and the name of the town the actress lived in was ‘Normal’.  Sort of play on words. For about six weeks this summer, I left ‘Normal’.  I exchanged a summer-flexible schedule in Michigan for a … Read more

Leftover negatives

In recent weeks it seems like every news item reports a sadistic act on instant repeat. If it isn’t political leaders crucifying each other, it’s people viciously brutalizing each other physically or emotionally. We have seen tension grow beyond boundaries. Do you remember when we could disagree, agreeably? When did we become a society that interprets the … Read more

Seeking Enough

I’m wondering … do you ever feel like you’re never enough? I think the easiest emotion to feel is that we aren’t enough. We aren’t smart enough, funny enough, rich enough, organized enough, friendly enough, talented enough, wise enough, schooled enough – Enough already! The enemy of your soul knows that comparison is the opposite … Read more

Refining Grace