Announcing …

The time has come – after nearly four years – is moving.  I will continue to write frequently, but not at this address. If you still want to read my random thoughts, there are two places to find me.  All my writing is on Facebook.   You will be able to read my posts … Read more

Developing the Heart of a Servant Leader

Mark Deterding founded Triune Leadership Services to coach and train leaders who want to develop a heart for servant leadership. “My desire is to build momentum for a movement of servant leadership across the world. I decided to write my first book using a series of daily messages to aid people in stepping up their activity … Read more

The super hero of Easter does not wear floppy ears.

There’s a new show in town. Maybe you’ve hear of it. Batman v Superman. I rarely pay attention to titles of movies and I’m selective of those that I see, but this one bothered me. When did the good guys turn their focus from catching the villain and start pouring all their energy into competing … Read more

Just Some Life Lessons I Have Learned

In the world of bloggers, one of the common themes is “What would you tell your 25 year old self?” I considered blogging today, but after reading this meditative and introspective piece from Jessica Caitlin Rushford I couldn’t pass it up and not share it. I have never written anything about what I would tell … Read more

Beyond Books: BKPedia digital subscription

What’s your favorite part of going to a Chinese restaurant? Right. The fortune cookie that sort of ties up the meal when the tiny paper message is pulled from its cracked shell. Whoever is gathered around the table reads their fortune and everyone gets to decide if it fits or if that cookie belonged on … Read more

What do you need to forget?

What kind of memory do you have? You know – when you have to remember an appointment or to pick up some obscure item at the store. Do you have to write everything out in detail? Or is your mind like Velcro and things just stick to it? I have a good memory, but it’s … Read more

The Standard for Extraordinary

I regularly receive email messages announcing events designed especially for women. There’s one that catches my attention every time. It isn’t that the organization is authentic and reputable, it’s the label. This label: Extraordinary Women represents ministries to women through conferences and Bible study resources.  The women of this network are extraordinary, gifted speakers, singers, … Read more

Filling in the Pattern

God is great; God is good, now we thank him for …. Do you remember saying that little prayer when you were a child? In our house, we didn’t recite the pre-written prayer, but ours were similar in nature. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this food. Please bless grandma, please bless the missionaries …..” … Read more

Under New Management: How Leading Organizations are Upending Business as Usual – Book Report

My first thought as I finished this book? Where was this management philosophy and leadership style when I was working 9 to 5? The good news is, the word is on the street that what was proven to work in the past, no longer works today. In fact, many management techniques of the past didn’t … Read more

Refining Grace