Being intentional is great … but putting people first is greater.

I woke up this morning with all the best intentions. By 6:30 am I was at my desk ‘catching up’ on a few things and everything deteriorated after that. Ever have a day when everything went right? Yeh, me either. But you know what? It’s not quite 10:00 am – and while I have lost … Read more

What's your life of choice? The merry-go-round or the roller coaster?

Two months ago, we said good bye to 2014 and as I reflected on the year, I was thinking, “This was a pretty good year. Finally, no hospitalizations, no real trauma, life is good.” I don’t think I was smug or proud; just thankful for 12 months of relative calm with only a few spins along … Read more

Windows has installed new updates

I was gone last weekend – no computer, technology limited to my cell phone, and lots of snow –mounds of it, in fact. We were at our cabin in the north where life runs at a slightly slower pace. It was quiet and restful; a rare and coveted occasion, I know. Our cabin is somewhere written into the … Read more

Everyone wants to be on the right track. Could it be as simple as 1 thing?

A few years ago – well probably more than a few years ago, there was a movie that made a statement “1 thing” . Does anyone remember it? Billy Crystal was questioning his life, maybe because he was overworked and unfulfilled, living on the outer edge of mid- life, headed for old age. He was … Read more

It's National Friend Day! Yeh, I didn't know either. Let's celebrate friendship!

Have you ever thought about the role friends play in your life? I’ve had hundreds, maybe thousands of opportunities to reflect on the blessing of friends in my own life, many just yesterday. In fact I was doing that last night as I reviewed my day and realized how many interactions with friends occurred in … Read more

I need to stop letting what I knew stifle my enthusiasm for what is new.

When was the last time you went to bed at night excited and motivated about the next day? I hope you said just last night or that’s how I feel most of the time. When you got up this morning did you greet the day with “Good morning, Lord!” or did you say “Good Lord, … Read more

God is not eager with anticipation for the weekend.

A friend posted this image 10 Things God wants you to remember.  There are so many other verses written for us, but these are a few I came up with. I was thinking about Fridays. We love the entrance to the weekend, don’t we, especially if we are of the Monday – Friday workforce. The … Read more

Let's face it. Life is tough. Pray Hard!

Yesterday someone asked me about what I posted. They said – I’m so angry at how things have turned out sometimes and I wonder. Does that mean I wasn’t armored and prepared for the attack? I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I’m a human with every spiritual frailty known to man. I don’t know how … Read more

Painted into a corner … what can I learn from this?

When I was 11 year old, my dad built the parsonage we lived in. For you young’uns a parsonage is a house the preacher and his family lived in and was usually pretty close to the church, if not attached. There. Your vocabulary lesson is done for today. But getting back to the story … … Read more

Refining Grace