Safe at 18mph

Be still my soul, the Lord is on your side, bear patiently, the cross of grief and pain ….. In the morning when I rise, in the morning when I rise, in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus. Hovering between sleep and the first dawn of day, those songs made paths through my … Read more

Worse Before Better

I’m taking a poll here. Does anyone else organize by first throwing everything in a pile and sorting their way out? A lifetime ago, when I was a stay at home mom, I stumbled onto that technique and it has never left. Worse before better.  One day in an organizing frenzy I was up to … Read more

What we own

Have you ever had a blue day… maybe not dark blue, but not the sunny sky blue that lights up the sky and feels like summer. It’s more like the gray blue that’s tinged with sadness and mutes all joy.  It’s not unusual for blue days to slither through places we visit multiple times in … Read more

What God has joined . . .

Open letter to my precious, loving husband. Today we celebrate 43 years of life together. I can’t imagine life without you. “For better – we’ve had better; for worse – we’ve had worse” and that’s how to live the storybook life. The first years were like being in a canoe – paddle one side, then … Read more

It's Today!

“I hoped and prayed … and it didn’t happen.”  I read those words from a friend and instantly felt the draining emotion of that message. I prayed so hard and nothing.  Anyone who has built up hope, worked toward something, and lived in anticipation of it knows the empty feeling left behind when the result … Read more

At the heart of 'Change Me'

To get the new year started there was an insurgence of the One Word theory. If you didn’t catch it on television or through social media, the premise is to choose one word that becomes your guiding influence, your doctrine to live by throughout the year. Since I don’t make New Years Resolutions this idea … Read more

What do you do with an Anakite?

Have you been facing giants in your life? Sometimes I feel like that. It isn’t a huge, overbearing human giant, it’s more situational. A decision to make that has consequences, a financial burden, a problem that’s just too complicated to sort out, a loss that’s left an empty place where a relationship used to be. … Read more


When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing on your mind? I mean besides hearing the squelch and sizzle of steaming hot water through coffee. Before I opened my eyes today my mind was searching for that word I chose to build my life around for the next 364 days. Yes! I found … Read more


OneWord Yesterday as I was sitting in my normal, curled up on the floor position addressing envelopes I caught a segment of the Today Show where a discussion was promoting the adoption of One Word as sort of a life beacon for the year. Being January 1st, and being a captive audience surrounded by envelopes … Read more

Refining Grace