It's Warm Inside

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning everyone! It’s Wednesday …. the middle of the week – and boy it is COLD out there!  Here are some ways to warm up our day from the inside out.  Having an attitude of gratitude, practicing being thankful is a catalyst. It changes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. It takes an act … Read more

What's your wild ride of choice?

Let’s hear it for Friday. Louder! I can’t hear you …It has sure been a week, hasn’t it?  Do your weeks sometimes remind you of that college challenge to see how many grown people can fit into a telephone booth? Or maybe a Volkswagen Bug? I realize some of you might not even know what … Read more

No Grumbling + No Arguing=Shine

There is nothing that adds speed to my steps than oversleeping – guess what.  That’s me today.  Where does the time go? Even if a day drags by, once the sun goes down, I’m sure the minutes in an hour are compacted into much shorter units. But here I am – ready for the day, … Read more

Happy 42nd Anniversary

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning  To You Good Morning  To You …… and Happy 42nd Anniversary to my lifetime partner and husband, Tim. I’ve written about commitment a LOT and today that’s what it’s all about. On this day, January 16, 1971 Tim and I were married at the little church in Bergland, … Read more

Master Magician

These have been some tense days. Can you relate? I have spent many moments calling out to God, asking him to turn back the clock to pre-Wednesday when my daughter collapsed, the victim of stroke. Many times after hurricanes, the school shootings and other macabre incidents of violence I’ve begged God to not let it … Read more

Could I order some peace?

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning to You! How is your day so far? That’s not a trick question. It’s early and here we are at a brand new day. Yesterday is gone, with all its good and all its not so good. Yesterday with all the good news, then the bad; the moments … Read more

Refining Grace